FiliusCompact; Widerstandsschweißen; Steuerung
Filius compact control

The Filius weld timer family

The Filius weld timer family has been designed to supply single station machines for different purposed.  A global design combines indentical operation over different techologies from mains frequency (AC) over medium frequency (MFDC, 1000 Hz) to high frequency (HF, 10 000 Hz) . This gains gains new standards in operation weld timers - different technologies - one time learning only - simpler maintenance. Or in other words very cost effective for you as a user. Function set and ease-of-use makes your production safe and realiable.

Grace to an USB plug in the front panel the timers can be remote programmed, configured (incl. different languages). Simplicity in opertaion is gained by clear defined symbols and wheel operation by spinning and pressing.

Additionally in some versions a remote panel can be installed. This is helpful for example in a twin cell operation where two operators shall have their own panel.Wir haben die Struktur der Filius Familie hier für Sie nach Technologien gruppiert – Sehen Sie sich gern um.


  • Timer based on operative system - rugged software basis.
  • Same menu structure for 50/60Hz, 1kHz, 10kHz.
  • Simplicity in operation by wheel spinning and pressing princible.
  • Self explaining menues.
  • Multi-lingual. Languages can be uploaded through USB
  • Databackup and restore through USB-Stick.
  • Firmware update through USB-Stick.
  • Replaces HWH MPS200 family.


System structure


Filius structure at a glance
Timer and power unit integratednoyesnoyes
Timer and power unit separatedyesnoyesno
Language modules (changable by USB)2222
Off-Line operation by XFilius Softwareyesyesyesyes
Welding technology50/60 Hz1000 Hz1000 Hz

10 000 Hz