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Harms & Wende 75 years - three quarters of a century

75 years Harms & Wende … younger than ever. This year we celebrate the foundation of our company 75 years ago. During these 75 years our company has changed and adopted to the time being. But the current pandemic situation questions a lot of things. Adopting to the situation is the key. To accomodate this we have focussed on development even more intense and on customer activities as well as special offers and services.

Our newsletter keeps you additionally up-to-date. Check back online how we lookout on the future after three quarters of a century. This future we approach along with you - with partnership. Our passion is innovation and living creativity and our confession to joining compentence around resistance- and solid state joining let us look positive to the future.

We are confident to offer you new solutions for the wide range of applications and challenges in welding and joining. Bonded-in-trust - our slogan tells that - with you - with the joints - in partnership up-to-date.

Worldwide supply problems with semiconductors and raw materials

Harms & Wende has acted early and has taken precautions by long-term pre-planning, framework agreements with partners and suppliers as well as by standardized modules for the most important product series. Despite all the measures implemented, we would like to point out that due to supply difficulties, delivery times may be longer than you have been used to from us so far. Read more


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Furthermore, Harms & Wende offers customized solutions for automotive automated and manual production. Weather if you operate manual systems or fully automated applications with fieldbus-connection: We offer networked systems with database storage. With our products expulsion is greatly avoided by real time adaptation with out IQR weld package for steel materials or the Aluminum Mode Classic (AMC) or Force (AMF) on aluminum materials. Powerful monitoring functions are a great extension to assure your quality in production.

With our competence of more that 70 years we offer concepts for resistance welding which are tailored for your particular needs. For your joining task we have weld concepts with different technologies ready: 50/60Hz, 1kHz, 10kHz. With our actual products Genius, Filius and Sinius you are well-prepared for the future.

Friction welding is a joining process that has been used in manufacturing for over 30 years. It is pressure welding, which is used for the fully mechanized joining of parts and is well suited for automation.

Harms & Wende offers control-related systems for micro-insert technology. As specialists for resistance welding controls we supply solutions which are particularly fitted for joining tasks.