Example of use for automotive


At the branch of automotive welding and assembly lines are plenty opportunities to use our products.  Harms+Wende accounts with individually on your needs tailored inverters for the optimization of production processes in the automotive branch.  Thereby we guarantee the highest operational standards and quality.



The inverter type series GeniusHWI XYY offers a maximum of functionality. The version "Extended" is the specialist of spot welding plants for engineering. Its basic equipment is assembled with 24 V I/Os and one analog output of the proportional valve. Constant current regulation as well as visualizing the runs of current, voltage and resistance of each individual welding operation belong to extended equipment and allow an insight into each welding process.

Additionally, there is a regulation range inspector, voltage inspector and a distance inspector as an integrated part of the „Extended“ design for improving quality assurance.






Operating concepts: PC with XPegasus operating software by Ethernet with PC 100/10 Mbit

I -inspector (current)

  • Limit value 
  • Envelope average value
  • Envelope reference


You can optionally choosr IQR adaptive regulation and the q - inspector (quality)



Standart range of functions

256 programs

3 current times (prehat, main, post-heat time)

Digital 24 V I/Os

Constant current regulation (KSR)

Current upsope

Current downslope

Pulses Output of proportional valve

Visualtization of readings


Power range: 360kVA 

Variants of cooling



Water outside