Parameter monitoring and operating system



With the RQ Fuzzy system the best possible monitoring of a friction welding unit can be achieved.  Through fuzzy pattern classification with unfocused envelope curves a production monitoring of the highest standard is guaranteed. This combined with the operator feature forms a monolithic system.

  • Fully automated process monitoring. 
  • Complete documentation with Logbook for complete retracing (product responsibility and quality control)


RQ-Fuzzy -
The new monitoring principle

Due to welding temperatures under melting point, short welding times and joints made under pressure, friction welding offers us the possibility to form high quality joints in materials and combinations thereof

The RQ-Fuzzy system offers us the possibility of maintaining this quality permanently documentation of each and every weld.

This system can be added as a separate monitoring system to a facility in use, or functionally integrated into a Harms und Wende friction welding unit.

The special fuzzy pattern monitoring offers exact readings.

The principle of fuzzy patterns

In The learning phase patterns are saved and from them a reference pattern is calculated. A characteristic feature of this system is the use of unfocused (fuzzy) reference patterns. This means that the reference pattern is shown as an unfocused envelope curve around the actual reference value that is taken from the statistical density of the learning pattern.

Picture 1. shows several learning patterns (blue) and from those the calculated reference pattern (red).Bild 1 If we calculate an unfocused envelope curve from that we receive the following picture.



The fuzzy pattern procedure uses an unfocused envelope curve as shown in picture No. 3.




Fuzzy monitoring results

When assessing the actual patterns in the monitoring phase, a value is given as to how the actual pattern fits the reference pattern.



HWH Software RQ-Fuzzy

RQ-Fuzzy -
Surveillance and complete process control

A picture says more than a thousand numbers.
RQ-Fuzzy shows you the parameters of the actual weld in progress or a weld from the archive.

This quick and easy surveillance helps to find parameteres and optimise new parts.


Monitoring and document-


Based on the Fuzzy evaluation every weld is monitored and the result documented.

This guarantees production and gives you the documentation needed.





The correct setting brings the optimal result

This is also true for RQ-Fuzzy. For this reason the RQ-Fuzzy menu offers adjustment possibilities for the welding conditions and parameters as well as adding clarity to your project administration.
Even when alternating between jobs optimal results are guaranteed and you can complete any welding process with ease.





RQ-Fuzzy - Uses


RQ-Fuzzy system for friction welding monitors:

  • Revolutions
  • Pressure
  • Shortening of parts
  • Force (optional)


All parameter processes can be saved. Optionally you can document a only a preset quality value.  This gives you a 100% reference on each and every weld made.

The system is built on a project structure with subordinate monitoring programs.  This gives an almost infinite number of projects and programs including the welding parameters that can be set up.

A statistical result of each weld is possible through a data interface.

RQ-Fuzzy offers you 100 % control over your friction welding process