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Our contribution to climate protection

Harms & Wende is committed to protect the environment.


Resistance welding is one of the efficient insert techniques in relation to efficiency and energy consumption. Just a high power rating, based on a necessary high current, is a disadvantage. Especially a good energy efficiency of medium frequency systems ensures a regular grid load. The DC characteristic leads to low necessary welding currents and conductor cross-sections, which reduces our costs of copper and saves resources.


At Harms & Wende we also pay attention in our manufacture concerning energy and resources. For example we are environmental partner in an eco-profit project in our beautiful hometown Hamburg. Another contribution for climate protection was the move to another electricity provider last year. Since September 2014 we receive 100% climate-neutral electricity from 'Lichtblick', which does not come from nuclear-, coal or oil-fired power plants. This is also confirmed by 'Lichtblick' with a climate protection certificate.