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Proven Hardware - fresh software

Running well prooven systems as HWI 28XX or Ratia timers with Pegasus? You can upgrade to XPegasus in many cases.

Use XPegasus with our proven systems.


The title sounds a bit provocative, right? Admittedly, it was as serious as it sounded; but in a positive way. Our HWI28XX inverter and Ratia73 have their strengths and they are in use all over the world. Maybe you wish a new control or your plan is to extend your systems with our new Genius systems.

XPegasus has in all versions a driver for both control generations. With a new control you have the following advantages:

  • About 20 % faster communication between control and computer. This is possible with a revised communication between both sides.

  • Mixed operations are possible with Genius systems. You can extend your system and still use HWI28 and/or Ratien without additional investments.

 There is no joy without sorrow. You can not use the data archiving with both systems, because of a high mass of data. It is a technical limit.

You can use the monitoring systems of HWI-/Ratia-systems, except the new inspectors which are for Genius. The new inspectors are part of the inverter, not of XPegasus. It is possible to transform the HWI28XX-inverter into a Genius system, but that is another topic. If you are interested, please contact us or your distribution partner.

Which systems can be operated with XPegasus? All inverters of series HWI22XX and 28XXEVA starting from firmware version 8.22, HWI28XX with ethernet from 9.45 and Ratia73 modules from version 5.10 or 6.07 withethernet interface. Have a look at the modulinformation at Pegasus.

When is a upgrade necessary? All Windows-based computer systems on Windows 7 should be equipped with XPegasus. From Windows 8 XPegasus is no longer compatible with the operating system. We offer a cheap alternative with a predictable budget.

we will support you in all your projects.