SelSus – Innovative strategies for Renovation and Repair in Manufacturing systems

The four-year EC research project is co-ordinated by the Fraunhofer Institute (IPA). Hamrs & Wende is involved as a partner within a consortium of totally 14 partners from six countries. The aim of the project is to increase the Overall Equipment effectiveness (OEE) by pro-active maintenance planning and self-healing processes and process components.


All project partners work currently intensely on the development of different software modules. At the moment Harms & Wende works in work package 4 on a Bayes` Network which identifies causes of failure in systems and devices with the help of statistical points of view and carries out a calculation of the failure probability. At the beginning of February several project partners met in Stuttgart. On the basis of a basic model other prospective components are developed which serve afterwards monitoring and failure analysis of systems and devices.



Michael Peschl

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