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The operating software XPegasus

XPegasus - the powerful software package

With XPegasus you have a powerful software package that supports you in your daily work.XPegasus supports with various functions all Geniusinverter, Ratia 73 welding modules and HWI 28XX EVA (-IQR) medium frequency inverters.

XPegasus Silver

XPegasus Silver is the powerful standard model for easy parameterization, commissioning and daily work with your Genius, HWI 28XX inverters or Ratia 73 welding modules.

If you optimize your Genius modules, you also have an additional analysis function available.


XPegasus Gold

This software package is right for larger systems. Save your welding data in an archive and analyze it later (with Geniusinverters).


XPegasus Platinum

XPegasus Platinum is the top model of our software suite. She handles a variety of management tasks without you having to worry about the individual tasks.

Expand your options with a server. It allows you to easily access a controller from different locations, the server takes care of the details. The same applies to archive data (Genius only).



Overview of the different XPegasus versions

You can operate the following controllers with XPegasus:

GeniusHWI / MFI inverter (all)

HWI 28XX EVA (IQR) Inverter Series (Software Version 8)

Ratia 73 (software version 5)




XPegasus table
  XPegasus Silver XPegasus Gold XPegasus Platinum XPegasusOPC




Component trace (Genius)




Data archive (Genius)






Standard software interface